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I love girls’ weekends. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love being home with my family and spending time with them, but getting away for a day or two with a group of fun-loving gals… well, it’s a nice break. I was recently invited to head away for the weekend to celebrate a milestone birthday for a good friend of mine, but I found myself facing a bit of a predicament. She’s a lot cooler than I am, and I don’t really know many of her other (also cooler) friends, and it was a bit intimidating. To the point where I considered staying home… but if there’s one surefire way to get over it, it’s to bite the bullet and just do it.

Like many people, I do well when I’m faced with external motivators. In this case, I decided it was a great reason to get a bit more in shape (there would be a hot tub on-site, and I wanted to not blubber out of my swimsuit). So, I extended my daily walks and cut the carbs and kind of sort of go on track. I also invested in a few new clothing items and some flashy shoes that made me feel extra confident.

When we got there, it was awesome. All of my concerns were unfounded, and I had a great time. Turns out it was dark when we got in the hot tub, so nobody saw me anyway, and it turns out not all women in their 40s look like supermodels. Who knew? I still felt great in my new clothes and shoes and had an absolute blast. When we woke up on the first morning, though (we were staying at one of the gals’ houses), I had an awakening not associated with the time. Several of the other ladies were wearing the cutest and most comfortable-looking joggers and hoodies. And the colors were beautiful. Now, as you may have guessed from my introduction, I’m not the most fashionable person. And I’m what some might call ‘cheap.’ I call it modest spending and will appreciate my early retirement, but some days I realize what I’m missing out on. This was that day.

Turns out the ladies were wearing clothing from Vuori. Not all of them, mind you, but several were wearing these beautifully cozy items in the prettiest colors. It was at the point where I was feeling the fabric (not in a creepy way) and simply asked about it. When I got home, I hopped on the Vuori website and explored the options. They’re a bit pricier than I typically purchase, but honestly, they were made with the softest fabric I’ve ever felt. And some days, I get tired of only saving and coupon clipping. So, I took the plunge and treated myself to some black joggers (they match everything, after all) and a hoodie in a color they call Stone Heather. Now I live in the joggers, and on cool evenings, the hoodie is my go-to favorite. Plus? By signing up for their newsletter, I got 20% off my first purchase. Look at me saving money and, more importantly, feeling great about my choices.

If you’re interested in checking out the clothing that I’ll ridiculously refer to as ‘delicious,’ check out their site (or your nearest Scheels or comparable clothing store). These are my top choices. Turns out I started with just a few pieces, but I’ve added a few items to my closet.

Performance Joggers, $98

Halo Performance Hoodie 2.0, $98

Long Line Elevation Bra, $64

Sunrise High Neck Tank, $54

Volley Skirt Long, $68

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