Vipre Internet Security Software Review

VIPRE Internet Security is a free anitvirus software for PC. It includes a firewall, a spam filter, and website blocking. You can try it for 30 days for free, giving you plenty of time to decide or yourself.

It’s simple to install. It only took me a few minutes. I liked the fact that it removed the conflicting programs for me, so I didn’t have to. That to me simplified the whole process.

Vipre Internet Security Software Review

The longest part of the whole process was having to restart my computer!

Vipre Internet Security Software Review

My favorite thing about Vipre is the free U.S. based technical support! Meaning, if you have an issue and call in, you actually get to speak to someone who understands you and speaks English! We paid for another anti virus software, McAfee, and it didn’t do a thing to protect our computer when it got attacked. When we called in to get help they were next to no help because they couldn’t speak or understand English. It was incredibly frustrating.

Not only were they no help, but they said what we bought did not cover the infection we got. Apparently not all antivirus software systems actually defend you against all viruses.

The first computer scan took a while, but after that initial scan they were fast.

Vipre is excellent at stopping viruses and spyware. It also works at blocking viruses and spyware that comes in from email, instant messages, and removable media like USB sticks. I love the fact that it’s checking everything. I use lots of different devices and I do not like the idea of one of the them infecting something else!

So far, Vipre has worked extremely well for me. I used a lot of different programs over the years and so far this is the best one I’ve used. I replaced three separate programs with Vipre.

Find out more at vipreantivirus.com

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