Tin Can Lantern Craft

Tin Can Lantern an Easy Craft for Kids

Are you looking for a craft activity to keep your kids entertained this summer? Tin can lanterns are the perfect activity to capture their attention and have some fun! Not only is it simple enough to do with minimal supervision, but also requires materials that you may even find lying around the house. Whether you’re stuck inside or at a campfire gathering, tin cans can help set the atmosphere with ambient lighting and plenty of artistic enjoyment. Plus, when all is said and done, your kids will proudly be able to display their work as mood-making decorations in any room they choose!

Help your kids make a tin can lantern with these easy step by step instructions. Once it’s complete use it as an outdoor decoration.

How to make a Tin Can Lantern. Creating a tin can lantern is a great kid activity.
Tin Can Lanterns (Photo credit: Elin B)

Instead of going out to buy decorations for your patio table, let your kids make them! Help your kids make a tin can lantern. It’s fairly easy and your kid will be so proud of themselves. You could put a citronella candle in it to keep mosquito bugs away.

Tin Can Lantern

Tin cans (soup cans or other)

Universal oil-based primer

Oil-based enamel paint

Pin hammer

Nail Galvanized wire (4-6 in.)



Clean the can by soaking it in hot, soapy water. Making sure to remove all of the label and glue.

(optional painting)
Apply a coat of primer and let it dry. Apply a coat of paint and let it dry.

Fill the can with water and place in a freezer until solid. (this will ensure you don’t dent the tin.)

Use a hammer and nail to punch out holes, creating a freehand design around the can. For a handle, punch out two holes on either side of can. Using a pair of pliers, bend wire through holes and secure. Place a candle inside and hang in a safe place.

This blog post was all about a fun and easy craft for kids- tin can lanterns! I hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know if you try making them with your own little ones. Thanks for stopping by!

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