Get Fit is with StrongBoard Balance

The Best New Way to Have Fun and Get Fit is with StrongBoard Balance! 

Today’s post about the StrongBoard is by my neighbor and friend Dawna, who is passionate about helping others get healthy and lose weight. I’ve been working to get healthier myself with Dawna’s help since late August and I’ve lost 30lbs! This photo was taken around 16 lbs lost. Dawna blogs at


In my journey from “fatty to fit” I’m constantly looking for new ways to challenge myself in workouts, build strength, muscle and coordination. Balance is something we all take for granted, until we lose it. Then we find ourselves on the ground with scraped knees and bruised egos, and we realize balance is an integral aspect of our daily lives. StrongBoard Balance is a great fitness tool you can use to target large and secondary muscles for balance recovery and it’s also perfect for elevating speed, agility, quickness and power!

strong board

When I first saw the StrongBoard Balance I instantly wanted to try it. Not only did I want to try it, I imagined how I could add it to every workout. I want a more firm and tone booty and a tight, tone tummy and core. I could see myself using the StrongBoard and couldn’t wait to get one! I could tell that it was adaptable so it would be a good challenge for a beginning level workout but also provide endless options for intermediate and advanced athletes to level up.

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The StrongBoard Balance adds to just about every workout, everything from a basic squat to reinforcing muscle response for athletes in sports like skiing, surfing and gymnastics. The construction and materials used on the StrongBoard Balance are the highest quality so it promises durability. It feels like a commercial piece of gym equipment yet it’s very affordable. It’s compact so it’s perfect for at-home workouts, but it’s easily portable so I can take it with me to the gym.

strong board balance

There are endless exercises from beginner to advanced level so there’s a challenge waiting for every person! Visit my Fit Guitar Girl YouTube channel to watch some of my workout videos using the StrongBoard Balance.

Use StrongBoard Balance coupon code FITGUITAR GIRL for free shipping which is a savings of about $40! To learn more about Certified Health Coach, Dawna Stafford visit her website at


How to workout at home with a StrongBoard

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