Swoop Bangs

Swoop Bangs

If you’ve been daydreaming of a dramatic new ‘do, but haven’t mustered the courage to try bangs yet – consider swoop-bangs instead! This stylish upgrade is incredibly flattering, feminine and chic – perfect for making an elegant impact without breaking the bank.

Are you ready to take the plunge and give your look a quick upgrade? Then swoop bangs are for you! Whether it’s an important meeting, wedding bells ringing, or simply taking Nana out for lunch – this style won’t let you down. Low maintenance but high impact, put some oomph into every occasion without too much fuss over styling time. Need proof of why they’re so great? Keep reading to find out more…

Best Swoop Bangs For Women

Here are a variety of swoop bang styles to inspire you.

Bob Cut with Swoop Bangs

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If you want to stay fashionable and timeless, look no further than the classic bob cut. This style exudes effortless sophistication that won’t go out of vogue anytime soon! To put your own spin on it, why not try adding swoop bangs for an instant upgrade? Not only will this give your seasoned ‘do some extra pizzazz – you’ll also look younger in a flash!

Pixie with Swoop Bangs

The pixie is the ideal ‘do for over 40s looking to cuts some corners when it comes to styles and maintenance! Easily customizable with swoop bangs, this fashionable yet fuss-free look allows busy ladies to keep up appearances without losing out on time.

Tapered Side Swept Fringe

You can also try the tapered bob look with the tapered side swoop bangs. It’s a more stylish and trendy look than the traditional tapered bob with fringe. This is a good hairstyle to slay in summer. You can wear it to all occasions – formal and casual.

Choppy Layers + Choppy Bangs

Choppy side-swept bangs are sure to add a youthful flair and make you feel like you’ve gone back in time! This easy, versatile ‘do works on every face shape and hair length for an effortlessly cool vibe – all it takes is some feather razor magic!

Side Swoop Bangs

Jane Fonda has defied age with her modern take on a classic style. Embrace your inner glamorous grandma and try out this fun, flirty side swoop ‘do! With the addition of some stylish bangs, you’ll be turning heads in no time at all.

Curled Side Swoop

Elizabeth Hurley never fails to show off her signature style with grace and poise – the iconic tousled waves, and lightly curled bangs taking center stage. This timeless look is effortlessly chic!

Long And Delicate Swoop Bangs

This is a Jennifer Aniston look, perhaps one of her best bangs styles. If you don’t mind bangs gliding over your eyes, this is a great style for enhancing your facial features. And even though it doesn’t look like it, it’s actually a pretty simple hairstyle to maintain. 

Swoop Bangs + Knotted Bun

Want to jazz up your knotted bun? Add a set of swoop bangs. This is the kind of hairstyle you want to usher in the summer, right?

Wispy Side Swoop Bangs

Wispy swoop bangs are great for you if you don’t mind looking a lot younger. You can leave your hair in a ponytail or wrap it into a bun. This is a great style for casual occasions, parties, and dinner dates. It is suitable for medium to long hair length and suits oval and diamond face shapes.

Swoop Bangs + Low Chignon

Short swoop bangs are an excellent fashion accessory to elevate a low, sleek chignon. This combo makes for a perfect office look. 

How To Style Swoop Bangs

Mastering side-swept bangs isn’t as hard as you may think! In fact, all it takes is three easy steps.

First up: Start styling your bangs before the rest of your hair – that way they get special attention and come out perfectly voluminous.

Then flip those tresses to their opposite direction in preparation for blow drying – because if you wear them left why not turn right?

Last but certainly not least; aim down when getting ’em dry with a blast of hot air – no flipping allowed this time around!

You can make your swoop bang look chic and stylish by adding accessories. You can also style it sleekly to give a polished look or add a bohemian braided style – the choices are endless. And when not in the mood for the bangs, you can simply pin them back.

How To Get Side Bangs To Stay In Place?

If you want to stay “swooped” for life, the secret’s in your spray! AG Hair Smooth Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray gives swoop bangs an extra helping hand. Just remember: less is more – don’t overdo it or you’ll be breaking out (and not with a new haircut).

To really take control of those flies, use Joico Joi Whip Firm Hold Design Foam when styling damp hair and accessorize wisely by using brushes designed just right! With these tips and tricks at your disposal, there won’t be any stopping that swoosh anytime soon.

Can You Style Swoop Bangs Without Heat?

Rocking a trendy ‘do without the damage of heat and styling products? Yes, you can – but it’s not quite as easy! To create a long-lasting style with no tools required, part your bangs then pin them to whatever side you want while they set. After an hour or more has passed – voila! You’ve got yourself some natural waves that will last until after your second shampoo.

Need to give your dull locks a fresh boost? Swoop bangs are the perfect way to add jauntiness and pizzazz—so you can look yonder! After shampooing, don’t forget that serum for extra shine. To keep those sweeping fringes looking brilliant, trim them every couple of months then finish off with some mousse or styling spray for an additional sleek touch. Want more wow factor? Strand highlighting is the cherry on top of this stylish sundae!

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