surya namaskar c – variation

Here’s a surya namaskar c variation that I will usually use to warm up in lieu of surya a. Enjoy!

anjaneyasana – low lunge

  • Exhale, step the right foot back. Take the right knee to the floor and untuck your right toes
  • Inhale, raise the arms overhead. Slightly externally rotate the upper arms and lift through the chest

anjaneyasana tutorial

anjaneyasana – low lunge

  • Step your right foot forward, drop your left knee and untuck your left toes.
  • On an inhale, take the arms up

anjaneyasana tutorial

  • Exhale, take your hands to the ground to frame your right foot. Tuck your left toes, lift your left knee
  • Inhale, step forward to a half-way lift

That’s one round! Do as many rounds as you like, the next time starting with the left side. Focus on one breath, one movement.

The above sequence is a surya namaskar variation. For the original version, click here.

Surya Namaskar A

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