6 Spring Cleaning Tips

6 Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring is in the air and you know what that means, spring cleaning time! It seems that every year around springtime people use this time to declutter, deep clean, and organize their homes. I think the reason why everyone chooses the spring to get their cleaning done is the weather is warming up and it’s nice to open up the windows and enjoy the day cleaning, not to mention it just feels great to get rid of the stress of built-up dirt and clutter.

6 Spring Cleaning Tips

Today I am going to be sharing a few of my personal favorite tips and tricks when it comes to spring cleaning!

Expect a Long Day

Spring cleaning is the time to get down and dirty and really do your tedious cleaning. When you are doing so much tedious work, it can take a long time, so be sure to expect to spend a long time cleaning and be sure to give yourself plenty of free time so you can get whatever you need done.

Work One Room at a Time

Don’t get too overwhelmed with thinking about having to clean the entire house at once. I recommend working and focusing on just one room at a time and then once you completely finish that room, move on to the next. If you have a friend or partner that is helping you clean you guys can split up and each focuses on one room at a time.

Have a Garage Sale

In order to help with decluttering, something you can do is start a garage sale pile. A great way to get rid of items that you don’t want anymore is to have a garage sale and you can make a bit of your money back and pass along your unwanted items to others.

5 Yard Sale Tips for Success

Donate: Continuing on with our last point, when it comes to decluttering another thing that you can do is donate your items. If you aren’t worried about making a little bit of money back on your items and just want to pass them along to someone in greater need I would really recommend donating your items. It is simple, most places have donation boxes that you can simply drop off your items at any time of day.


A big part of keeping your house looking neat and tidy is to use good organization tips. Great things I like to use for organizing are things like small storage containers, shoe racks, and vacuum-sealed bags for storing extra clothing and blankets.

Get Organized

Use Simple Items for Cleaning

I tend to keep very few cleaning items on hand. Instead of having an item for every little thing I use one of Lysol’s all-purpose cleaners. That way I can clean quickly.

Eliminate Odors

Once you have cleaned out a room add some fragrance to freshen it up. Did you know a spicy or gourmet scent can make large rooms feel cozy, while fresh, floral, or fruity scents can make small spaces feel airier? I like to use Air Wick Life Scents Room Mist because it is fast-acting, eliminates odors, and the scent changes. I also use Air Wick Scented Oil

Warmers around my house because they work in any room no matter what size and they last up to 45 days.

Although spring cleaning may not be the most fun activity I don’t think there is a greater feeling than when you get that deep clean and everything is clean, organized, and looking great. If you have never been a big fan of cleaning and especially spring cleaning, I hope these tips and tricks help you to get it done quickly and efficiently, and trust me, you will feel so relieved and happy once your home is nice and clean.

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