Simple bathroom remodel

Simple Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel before and after
Bathroom Remodel before and after

Is a bathroom remodel ever simple?

I do not think anything is simple when it comes to remodeling a bathroom, but in this case we tried to keep it simple.

Basically, we did not love our bathroom counter. It was a poor use of space and too short. Then one day we are in Lowes shopping around and there is a taller bathroom cabinet on clearance and it looks perfect. The price was good too, only $240. Then we see a marble countertop with built-in double sinks on sale from $160 and this is how our remodel began.

Simple Bathroom Remodel

Here is the before picture.

bathroom before remodel

The counter top was made of white tiles, but we thought we could get the top off of the cabinets ok and then resale both. We began by removing the tiles glued to the wall. We did have to take the mirror completely down.

Unfortunately, we destroyed the counter top and the cabinets trying to get it out of the bathroom, so instead of reselling it we drop it off at the junk yard.


Our new cabinet still have two doors, but now we have 4 drawers instead of 1! I absolutely love having more drawers. The height is much better now too.

bathroom remodel

After seeing so many mirror ideas on Pinterest we decided to frame our mirror. We bought some nice trim, cut it to size, spray painted it dark to match the cabinet, and then glued it with glass glue to the mirror. ($20)

We also opted for new faucets. They were actually pretty affordable. ($24 each)

The toughest part of the entire process was re-aligning the plumbing, but my husband tackled that with some plastic piping.

We still have a few things to do before we are completely done with our bathroom, but the biggest part is over and so far we have spent less than $600.

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