Do you spend any time out of the water? We do every year, whether out boating, playing in the lake, or floating the river we spend a lot of time in the water. Many people make sure to be safe out on the water, but unfortunately, many people do not think much about it.

Since we moved to Oregon I have been stunned by the number of drownings that occur each summer. Often times the situations were completely preventable. Oregon has made strides to prevent this by providing loaner life jackets near some of the most problematic areas, but it still does not seem to be enough.

I was already a firm believer in life jackets. I grew up swimming in the deep lakes in Texas and we were not allowed to get in the water unless we had on a life jacket and the same rule applied for boating. If you didn’t have enough life jackets for everybody, someone was getting left behind.

I’ve been out in boats several times when large storms hit and it can be extremely scary. I also had some college friends get into a major boating accident, but everyone was ok because they were wearing life jackets. To me, there has never been a question of whether or not to wear a life jacket and really everyone should teach their kids this. If you ride in a car you have to wear a seatbelt, so if you are in a boat or playing along a river or lake you should have to wear a life jacket.

Sea Tow

There is an easy way to ensure more safety when out on a boat and it’s called Sea Tow. The Sea Tow Foundation promotes boat safety and provides education to reduce accidents, fatalities, and property damage from recreational boating. For example, they provide loaner life jackets at their various locations throughout the US and have provided almost 15,000 life jackets nationwide. I looked up to see if they had loaner life jackets in my area and they did.

Sea Tow Membership

They have taken boating safety a step further by creating a membership service that can help you out in multiple situations. In fact, Sea Tow is the #1 choice for boaters nationwide for expert on-water assistance. They offer two types of membership: Gold Card for $169 a year or Lake Card for $119 a year. As a Sea Tow member, you get

  • Free towing
  • Fuel drops
  • Jump starts
  • Automated radio checks
  • 24/7 nationwide coverage
  • Covered ungrounding

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