Samsung ActiveWash Washer & Dryer

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I decided that the best way to kick off this review was with a quote by Buddy the Elf, because it pretty much sums up how I feel about my new Samsung ActiveWash Washer and Dryer.

 “I’m in love, I’ve in love and I don’t care who knows it!” ~ Buddy the Elf

Until a week ago I didn’t think much about getting new appliances. I had been using the same washer and dryer for about 14 years and I knew that sooner rather than later they would both need to be replaced. In fact, I had started shopping for a new set about 7 months ago. There are a lot of choices out there, but I can say without a doubt that I am 100% happy with the set I got, a Samsung ActiveWash washer and dryer set.

Samsung ActiveWash Washer

I never thought that getting a new washing machine would improve the quality of my life, but it did! How you wonder? Well, the tub inside this washer is massive. So, massive that what used to be 2 or 3 separate loads of laundry is now 1 load. Can you believe that!?! I was ecstatic when I realized this. The first load of laundry I did was a load of jeans. I was able to wash 10 pairs of jeans and a couple of towels in one load. Plus, it was only half full. I could have washed even more! As a single mom with 3 kids this is life changing. LIFE CHANGING PEOPLE! I am literally doing laundry less than half the time I was before. And that is why this set is worth every single penny.

Samsung ActiveWash Dryer

Okay, so that was all my gushing over the washer machine, but the dryer deserves to be highlighted as well. The dryer has technology in it that allows it to know when there is no more moisture in the clothes and turn itself off! Not only that but it features an assortment of steam features. Let me just say that the less ironing I have to do the happier I am as a person, so this dryer has helped me become a happier person. Is your dryer doing this for you? If the answer is no it’s time for an upgrade.

Favorite Features

  • Large capacity – I can fit more laundry in one load than I ever thought possible!
  • Quite – Both machines are so quiet.
  • Efficient – The washer uses less water and electric and the dryer uses way less electricity.
  • Gentle – They are both more gentle on clothes. How nice it is not to pull a shirt out of the washer machine just to see that the machine ruined it.
  • Built in sink!
  • The dryer has Multi-Steam Technology: Steam Refresh, Steam Wrinkle Away, and Steam Sanitize


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