Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Review

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Review

Ok so I’m gonna be real here. I truly suck at painting my nails! I try to be so careful and even if I do a good job it takes me For. Ev. Er. Then once the polish and topcoat are almosssst dry I usually get busy with the baby running around and mess my pretty nails all up! Grrrr…

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail ReviewSally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Step 1

So imagine my intrigue when I was bopping around at the pharmacy and saw Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polishes and top coat. “Ok”, I said to myself, “it’s worth a try”!

I picked out the color Pretty Piggy and grabbed the top coat to go along with it! This is a two part process. 


  • Super easy to paint on! Seriously, this is the easiest and fasted way I’ve ever been able to paint my nails!
  • I applied two thin coats of color and PRESTO! The color looked fabulous. I waited only a couple of minutes and applied the Miracle Gel Top Coat with no issues.
  • It dries SUPER fast! This is very important when said toddler is stirring up some trouble!
  • Affordable! For those of us who can’t afford regular trips to the nail salon.
  • Long-lasting! I chip my usual nail color in about a day which is frustrating. This is supposed to last much longer!
  • Very easy to remove. Unlike the nail salon type gel that needs a sledgehammer to get off. I messed up one nail and my nail polish remover did the trick.
  • Decent variety of colors! I am hoping they come out with more!


  • Just one! It doesn’t dry quite as shiny as I would prefer! When my nails were totally dry (about 5-10 minutes later) I swiped on an extra coat of my favorite topcoat, Seche Clear. That did the trick! Shiny gel nails right at home!

I would definitely recommend this product to all of my friends! Happy painting, y’all!

Tips for Using Sally Hansen Miracle GelSally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Second Coat

  • After doing two coats of color, waiting 5 minutes per the Sally Hansen site, and one coat of top coat, it only took a few minutes to firm up.
  • Exposing your nails to sunlight really helps.
  • If you do 2 coats, then a coat of the top coat, then another coat of polish and another top coat (letting it dry between coats) you’ll get 14 days wear.

UPDATE: I used the Miracle gel top coat with with one of my favorite brands of “regular nail polish” and the results were the same! The color wound up chipping a little after a couple of days but nothing a quick touch up can’t fix! This is by far the fastest way to give yourself diy shellac manicure.

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