revitalize your hair in 5 easy steps

How To Revitalize Your Hair In 5 Simple Steps

Dry, damaged and lackluster hair is the bane of many women’s lives. To help you remedy this dilemma and restore your hair’s natural thickness and shine, here are our five simple steps for revitalizing your hair. Follow these fast and effective methods to benefit from stronger, smoother-looking hair in no time at all!

7 Ways to Revitalize Your Hair

1 – Use targeted shampoos and conditioners

If your hair has become dry and damaged, then you can begin to revitalize it by adopting a targeted shampoo and conditioning routine. Although many mass-produced hair products claim to combat dry and damaged hair, if you are committed to eliminating frizz and split ends for good, then you should only select products that are sulfate-free.

Avoid any products that contain sodium laureth sulfates within their ingredients list, this will strip your hair of its intrinsic protective oils. If you use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner with a pH balance between 4.5 and 5.5 once a week, then you will be able to restore your hair’s natural moisture levels in a matter of weeks.

2 – Invest in treatment masks

In addition to targeted shampoos and conditioners, hydrating hair treatment masks also serve as a highly effective way of infusing your hair follicles with natural moisturizing ingredients. Avoid treatment masks that contain parabens or silicone and instead opt for refreshing aloe vera, shea butter, keratin, or olive oil-based masks. If you use these treatment masks once or twice a week and leave them on for an hour at a time, then you will soon notice your hair regaining its natural thickness and shine!

You can even make your own hair mask. I like to use 1 teaspoon of coconut oil directly on my hair, starting at the ends of my hair and working up toward the scalp. Go run an errand, or use this time to get something done around the house. Try to leave the coconut oil in for 30-60 minutes, then wash the treatment out of your hair. This helps lock in the natural hair oils and gives it a bit of shine.

3 – Sideline your heated styling products

If your hair feels limp and lifeless it can be tempting to straighten, curl, or blow dry it to create your intended look. Unfortunately, by continued over-styling your hair with heated products you could be doing more harm than good. Studies have shown that the excessive use of heated styling products strips your hair of its natural oils and proteins, thereby causing it to become dry and brittle.

Consequently, if you suffer from lackluster hair, it is strongly recommended that you take a brief hiatus from straightening, curling, or blow-drying treatments in order to restore your hair’s natural oils and support the growth of new hair follicles.

4 – Investigate gentler coloring treatments

Similarly to sidelining heated styling products, if you frequently dye or bleach your hair, then you may be contributing to its dry and damaged nature. When your hair is next due for color treatment, it is advised that you consult with your hairstylist about the various ammonia-free and semi-permanent coloring treatments on offer. Combine these gentler coloring treatments with targeted color-conditioning shampoos and serums to eliminate frizz, and split ends to inject a new lease of life into your luscious locks. If you are a brunette like me check out the best hair products for long brunette hair

5 – Eat foods rich in essential nutrients

As well as following our hair care revitalizing tips, it is also important to consider the extent to which your daily diet plays a fundamental role in the overall condition of your hair. Eating a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins A and C, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc will significantly improve the thickness, moisture level, and natural shine of your hair in a way that topical hair products cannot. Foods such as avocados, nuts, eggs, and salmon contain a combination of these essential nutrients and healthy fats, which skin care specialists advise are instrumental in helping your hair, nails, and skin to retain their moisture and to enhance your hair’s vibrant, youthful appearance.

You can also take a biotin supplement. Biotin is a natural supplement many people do not get enough of. This could be a contributing factor to dry, brittle hair. I  recommend Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails. This is a great-tasting gummy multivitamin containing 12 key nutrients, including Biotin and Vitamins C and E to help nourish beautiful hair, skin, and nails from the inside out.

6. – Keep Hair Moisturized

Keeping hair moisturized will help all of your hairstyles look great. During the winter dry winter air will quickly zap your hair of any moisture it has. Try to not shampoo as often. If you have oily hair, wash it every other day, and if you have dry hair, aim at washing it one to two times a week maximum.

7. – Keep Static Away

To reduce static there are a few things you can do. To maintain your hair or hairstyle like a blowout, sleeping with a silk pillowcase can help reduce static. (Supposedly sleeping on a silk pillow can also help fight against wrinkles.) Argan oil can moisturize the ends of your hair without leaving hair oily. Use a small amount, like half of a dime. If your hair is fine, stay away from the oils, instead use static guard sprayed in your hairbrush and brush your hair. For those with thicker hair, the argan oil should help keep hair moisturized and reduce static.

Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Women

How to French Braid

A French braid is perfect if you want a skinnier, sleeker braid.

Start by brushing out the hair completely with a boar bristle paddle brush. Separate the hair on the crown into three equal pieces.

Take the left piece, cross it over the middle section and combine it with the right piece. Do the same thing after, starting with the left piece this time. Add a little more hair to each section as you go, working your way down. Secure the end with a hair tie. Gently pull on the sides of the braid to give it more body.

How to Dutch Braid

Divide the hair into three equal-sized pieces on the crown. Pull the right piece under the middle piece. Then do the same with the left. Add more strands of hair to the pieces as you work your way down.

Secure the end of the braid with a hair tie and then gently pull on sections to widen the braid. (Optional) Lock in your style with Strong Hold hairspray.

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