Panasonic Lumix ZS60

Last month Panasonic gave me a new camera the Panasonic Lumix ZS60 and I happen to love it so I’m going to review it. All opinions are my own.
Panasonic ZS60

I switched to using a Panasonic Lumix several years ago and it’s been my go to point and shot camera ever since. You may recall I reviewed the ZS40, which until is the camera I have been using. I won’t break down a comparison of the two. They are quite similar the main two differences is the ZS60 has 4K technology and a touch screen. The touch screen is super handy and the 4k quality is stunning. I happen not to take photos in 4K because the files size is so large, but if this is a need for you I strongly recommend this camera.

If you like taking photos of food this camera is great. It has two settings for food pictures. Here is a photo of some salsa I bought at the grocery store. The camera actually makes it look better than it really was.

Panasonic ZS60

Panasonic ZS60 Features

  • 30x (24-720mm) LEICA DC Lens optical zoom performance is ideally suited for travel and everyday photography
  • 18 Megapixel sensor delivers high-resolution photos with fewer image artifacts
  • 4K Ultra HD video recording plus exclusive LUMIX 4K PHOTO and 4K Post Focus photo capture features
  • Eye-level Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) and touch-enabled LCD for a wider viewing experience
  • Lens-mounted control ring brings DSLR-like exposure control to a compact point-and-shoot camera body


Panasonic ZS60 Description

PANASONIC LUMIX point-and-shoot digital cameras are known among camera enthusiasts for reliability and innovative features. The LUMIX ZS60 brings the legendary optical performance of a 30x (24-720mm) LEICA DC Lens to a highly portable point-and-shoot travel camera. Traditionalists will love the hands-on manual feel of a lens-mounted control ring and thumbwheel, plus the familiarity of an eye-level electronic viewfinder. The modern enthusiast will love the Wi-Fi mobile device controllability and next-generation flexibility that 4K video and 4K PHOTO modes bring to the creative experience.Panasonic ZS60


Panasonic ZS60

Tips for using the Panasonic ZS60

Step back and zoom in – It improves the background and bring it in closer to the main subject.

Take a moment to level the shot.

Use lens dial for exposure – Visually adjust the EV+/- with the lens dial

Rule of thirds – use lines to move they eye across a photo, never back to the photographer.

To take a great night shot switch to iA mode on top then click menu and choose handheld night shot

If you are having issues with the flash, turn it off and instead adjust iso with ring on camera to lighten the photo so you do not have to use flash.Panasonic ZS60 control ring


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