How to make a no sew tutu

No Sew TuTu

I decided I wanted to get my daughter a tutu and I knew I was going to pay around $35 for it. I wondered if I could make one cheaper or even make one at all. I looked around the Internet and figured out how to make one with out sewing, because I don’t know how to sew. Well, I am so proud to report that I was able to do it and I think it looks pretty good!

1st – get your materials: Elastic, scissors, stapler, toil ( you can also put ribbon on, but the kind of ribbon I bought didn’t work well because it was not flexible)

2nd – I measured around my daughters waist with the elastic and cut it to fit and then I stapled the ends together.


3rd – I cut up the tulle. I got a quite a bit of tulle because I just wasn’t sure how much to get. I got a 1 3/4 yard of one color and 2 yards of a second color. (Next time I will get 2 yards of both, I am making this for a 6 year old.) I folded it in half, then rolled it up as evenly as possible. I felt the ends for where it thickened up and would be even and cut there. I then continued to cute it in 3 inch strips. I then took the 3 inch strips that were very long and cut them in half.
4th – I hung the elastic around a pillow to make it easier to work with. Then I took the strip and using a square knot tied them all around. As I went I would squish them together that way it would look full once she has it on.
And that’s it. That is all I did. To bad she refuses to wear it!
Let me know if that doesn’t make sense and I will elaborate. Please leave a comment with a link to your blog if you also have a post about how to do this better!

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