13 New Mind Blowing Tech Gadgets

I am always on the hunt for fun new tech gadgets and this year I’ve found one for everyone on your Christmas list.

13 Tech Gadets for Everyone in the Family

1. AfterShokz Trekz Air

Trekz Air wireless open-ear headphones by AfterShokz allow you to stay social without hitting pause. Bone conduction technology delivers music through your cheekbones, leaving your ears open to ambient sounds for maximum situational awareness. The titanium construction makes the headphones lightweight and flexible, ensuring a secure fit and all-day comfort. Boasting 6-hours battery life, Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, PremiumPitch technology and dual noise-cancelling microphones, AfterShokz Trekz Air deliver an immersive listening experience.

2. VIDBOXVIDBOX Video Conversion Suite

VIDBOX allows you to transfer your old VHS, VHS-C, Beta and other analog format Video, as well as cassette and Phonograph records, to DVD and digital formats! It works with Mac and PC computers.

  • Saves all your precious memories in a format you can actually view.
  • Save space by getting rid of all those old bulky tapes and organize your collection.

In the box is a USB video capture device, USB Cable, RCA AV Cable, 2 Quick Start Guides, and 2 Software Download Cards. It’s everything you need to capture old VHS, Beta, 8 mm or camcorder tapes and convert them to DVD or other digital formats.

3. DNA by Lose It!DNA by Lose It!

Weight loss just got crazy personal wtih embodyDNA by Lose It!, the only DNA-based plan to give actionable, personalized results through an interactive in-app experience. Lose It! has partnered with Helix, the first online marketplace for DNA-powered products, to deliver weight loss-related insights as unique to users as their DNA. embodyDNA is the most convenient and tailored way to learn which foods, drinks, and activities could activate weight loss and optimize everyday living. It’s finally possible: use your genes to fit in your jeans! With embodyDNA, it’s easy to get a small sample analyzed and let Lose It! do the rest. All genetic test results are available right in the Lose It! app, along with weight loss, food, fitness, and taste recommendations to empower members to reach their goals.

4. Samsung SmartThings Wifi

Samsung SmartThings Wifi

Samsung SmartThings Wifi is an intelligent Wi-Fi system that improves the performance of your network and provides smart home automation with a built-in SmartThings Hub. Now you’re able to control hundreds of third party devices remotely from the iOS and Android compatible SmartThings app and enjoy corner to corner whole home Wi-Fi coverage.

5. Philips SmartSleep SystemPhilips SmartSleep System

Philips SmartSleep is the first wearable technology that is clinically proven to enhance sleep in consumers who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle. It’s an easy-to-use wearable headband paired with a mobile application that tracks and reacts to sleep patterns. By using two small sensors and delivering customized tones, SmartSleep provides a boost to the wearer’s natural slow wave activity during deep sleep that has been clinically proven to improve deep sleep quality, leading to increased energy and alertness the following day.

6. Ohmni Telepresence RobotOurOhmni Telepresence RobotOur

Ohmni Telepresence Robot aims at removing the geographic distance and allowing for patients and seniors to receive frequent care and companionship without the burden of operating complex technology. While most telepresence robots are sold for the purpose of letting remote workers visit the office, we are targeting a market that requires personal communications with the aging population and dispersed families by healthcare workers and family members. Designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind, Ohmni robots allow users to go beyond just the normal conversations and share meaningful, engaging experiences together.

7. AvailAvail by Omron

The Avail is an innovative, over-the-counter medical device for safe, effective drug-free pain relief. Avail is Omron’s first TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit with wireless capability, allowing for freedom of moving during treatment. The device is designed for the relief and management of chronic and acute pain, pain associated with arthritis, or sore muscles from exercise or normal household work.

8. Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting KitCaseta Wireless lighting

Lutron’s Caséta Wireless system is an affordable and easy-to-install smart lighting kit. It allows you to control lights and shades at home or on the road with an iOS or Android device, a handy Pico remote, or in-wall dimmer switches.

This is something that I not only use, but gave to my mom to help her out at her house.
9. Senclo FiSenclo Fi

Senclo Fi is the first autonomous garage opener on the market to work with all new and legacy garage systems on the market. Senclo Fi is a high-end garage opener with many unique functions and features like Garage Temperature Monitoring, PostMessage, Customizable Themes, Automatic Door Operation, Vacation Mode, Guest Temporary Access. Fi also work with a popular voice control system like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. For a complete list of details, visit our website at www.senclo.com for more information.

10. iDevices Instinct

iDevices Instinct

The iDevices Instinct embeds Amazon Alexa into the walls of homes with the functionality of a smart light switch, standalone voice assistant, ambient light sensor and motion detector, all in one product. With the Instinct, users can not only manage connected products,but also listen to music, find a new recipe and get the news with premium sound by Soen® Audio. Motion and light sensors allow users to automate lights and receive custom alerts, providing energy savings and peace of mind.

11. Philips Hue

Philips Hue is a smart lighting system, meaning you use an app on your smartphone, tablet or wearable to wirelessly control your lighting and customize your ambiance for any moment at home. You can also control your Hue lights with your voice – you just have to ask Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri with Apple HomeKit.

A couple of ways it’s great for travelers:

  • You can control your lights from anywhere, and you can even mimic your presence while away to make it seem like you are home when you’re not, giving you peace of mind over your property.
  • You can turn on a geo-location feature in the Hue app. This means if you arrive home, our system will detect your phone/device and automatically turn the lights on for you, so you are never coming home to a dark house.
  • Hue also works seamlessly with Nest products like the Hello doorbell and IQ camera, to help you look out for your home.

12. iStorage

iStorage is a portable Hard Drive that is protected by your personal pin and encrypted hardware. No one can access the data on the hard drive without your pin. It has a super speed USB 3.0 interface allowing you to access files faster. The iStorage by diskAshur is quite durable and small enough to fit in your pocket, which makes traveling with it easy. I always worry about my computer being stolen, especially when we are traveling for weeks at a time. It’s nice to know I have a backup, just in case.

13. EyeJust

If you spend too much time on your phone like I do, then you are going to LOVE this product. EyeJust is a blue light blocking screen protector for your phone. EyeJust is made with the strongest, optical clarity glass with blue light blocking technology. This reduces the negative effects of harmful blue light which can cause sleep disruption, eye damage, and premature aging to your skin. I had lasik and ever since my right eye has hurt when I have too much screen time. This screen has helped substantially.

Have you found a new tech gadget you love? Please share it with us in the comments below.

12 New Mind Blowing Tech Gadgets

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