Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle to the Rescue

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Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle

I must say I really love getting surprises in the mail. I generally know what to expect, but sometimes I forget what I’ve sign up for or what I’ve agreed to review. What can I say I have three kids and my brain has turned into mush at times. The other day we got this fun kit from Mr. Clean with their all new Liquid Muscle, a handy cleaning bucket, and a $25 WalMart gift card to giveaway. Do you see my lovely son is modeling it?

I would be lying to you if I said I enjoyed cleaning, because I loathe it. Used to it was no big deal, but as I mentioned 3 kids, plus their friends our over at our house constantly and well I got tired of cleaning up after everyone years and years ago.

So, needless to say I love cleaning short cuts and Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle has been a nice shortcut for me. It works on basically anything so it is all I really need to clean up anywhere around my house. I even used it on my minivan.

The other day after my son had a sleep over here  and afterwards I cleaned the whole downstairs bathroom with it. I absolutely hate cleaning bathrooms. This time I just squirted a little Liquid Muscle around and cleaned the floor, sink, and toilet. (NO not all with same scrubber!) Normally I would use three different products just in the bathroom alone.

  • Two and a half times stronger than regular all-purpose cleaners, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle
    penetrates dirt and lifts it away.
  • Plus, the unique dosing cap ensures not a single drop gets wasted.
  • Dilute this innovative liquid gel in water or apply directly to a sponge or surface.
  • Either way, it packs a lot of muscle for such a small bottle, so less is more.
  • For counters, stoves, floors, tables and more

You can find Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle at Walmart for $2.74/16 ounces. To find out more about this new Mr. Clean product visit their website, or like them on Facebook, you can even follow them on Twitter.


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