What you need to know about microblading your eyebrows.

Microblading 101

microbladingMicroblading 101

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about getting microblading aka getting your eyebrows tatted!
A few months ago my fabulous friend (and hair stylist, nail tech, eyelash extension queen, and now certified tattoo artist), Molly, decided to get certified in microblading. She needed someone to practice on to receive her certification, so naturally I pounced on the opportunity. Free beauty treatments make me really happy! That’s right, I’ll let someone practice tattooing eyebrows on my face to save money and score the latest beauty treatment. No shame!

Why Microblading?

We all know it: fuller brows are in. And it’s seems to be a beauty trend that’s here to stay. They give you a more youthful, fresh appearance. Who doesn’t want that?

I wasn’t even sure what microblading even was, to be honest. Now that I’ve had it done I’ve realized that pretty much nobody else knows either. Yes, you may have heard about the eyebrow tattoo thing, but people generally have a lot of questions about it. I’m a bit of a diva and pestered Molly with a million questions before the treatment so I thought I’d put together a handy Microblading FAQ and hopefully answer a few questions y’all might have!

Q: What is microblading?

A: Microblading is a temporary tattoo for your eyebrows. They use a small blade to draw each hair on, no needles.
Q: Who is a good candidate for microblading?

A: Anyone! You may have eyebrows on the thinner side or certain areas you would like to fill in. No need to do a whole new brow. They can just add to what you’ve got. Or you may have very sparse eyebrows (common with lighter skin tones) and are tired of spending more money than you’d like to admit on eyebrow pencils at Sephora. Plus… let’s be real. Penciling gets old. People also do it to change the shape of their brows. Mismatched arches? No problem! No arches at all? Says who?! Need a little length? You got it.

Q: Is microblading safe and hygienic?

A: Yes. They use a new, sterile blade to every customer!

Q: How long does microblading last?

A: Microblading lasts anywhere from 1-3 years. Make sure you don’t exfoliate your brows and they’ll last longer.

Q: Do they use a needle?

A: No needles! They use a small blade because they draw on each hair individually. A needle would definitely not look as natural as a blade.

Q: How long is the microblading procedure?

A: From start to finish it took Molly about an hour. Half of that time was spent getting the color of the ink just right and letting the numbing cream work its magic. Some may take longer.

Q: Does mircoblading hurt?

A: Not at all! It feels a little weird because you can sense it on your skin, but no it does not hurt. And if it does hurt, you should let your technician know. Some people have a lower pain tolerance so the numbing cream takes a little longer to start working.

Q: Does microblading look natural?

A: Get yourself a technician who knows her stuff and will listen and talk to you about to exactly what you want. Mine look very natural.

Q: How can I prepare for my microblading appointment?

A: Your technician can prepare you for your appointment. But you can expect to skip makeup that day. You should also be prepared to keep your brows covered in Vaseline or ointment for a few days. So if you have any events coming up make sure to schedule your appointment at least 5 days in advance.

Also, it usually takes 2 sessions to get it perfect. But the cost of the treatment should cover both sessions. You schedule your first appointment and a follow-up 6 weeks later. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, expect some fading. That is perfectly normal. I don’t know why but the first round will most likely fade some. After the second treatment you’re good to go. Second, you might want to start with a little less and then go fuller. It’s a lot easier to do it that way then to accidentally go overboard and realize it after the fact.

Q: Anything else?

A: Comment below if there is!


This photo is of my eyebrows after the 1st session and then after the 2nd session, because sadly the first time didn’t take.

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