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Since my mom died I’ve gained quite a bit of weight and appeared to show no signs of stopping. But as of today, I have decided to make a change. A few years ago I did a five-day fast program called Prolon and I lost 5 pounds in four days.

No, it is not an easy intermittent fasting program in my opinion, and last time I didn’t make it to day 5. Despite this, I’m going to go ahead and do it again because I really want to get 5 pounds off as quickly as possible and I know it works. I need to lose about six pounds for the majority of my clothes to fit again. 

What is Prolon?Lose 5 lbs in 5 days with Prolon

Prolon fasting-mimicking diet is exactly what it sounds like, a fast with food. Scientists did a bunch of research and somehow created this program based on science to keep your body in a fasting state even though you’re eating their food. The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet gives many of the benefits of a fast while providing food to help fight hunger, lose fat, and protect lean body mass

Each day you have a small box of what you will eat and drink for that day only. Each box may include plant-based energy bars, soups, snacks like crackers or olives, drinks, and supplements/vitamins. Everything included has been studied and carefully designed to nourish your body, support overall and metabolic health, and support cellular rejuvenation.

Prolon Health Benefits

There are health benefits that Prolon offers besides weight loss but that’s not what I did it. But in case you are wondering, it triggers autophagy for the clean-up of worn-out cells. autophagy is a natural process that involves breaking down unneeded or damaged components within a cell and reusing them as the building blocks for cellular repair or the formation of new cells. Autophagy helps keep cells healthy.

One of my biggest challenges is picking out five days in a row that I do not travel and do not go out to eat for a press dinner. Not to mention all the different social things that you do throughout the week that you may eat at.

In order to not set myself up for failure I have to make sure that there’s no temptation at all during those five days.

My 5-day Prolon ExperienceProlon Weight Loss Program

Day 1

It’s day one and I’ve already screwed up. I forgot that there is supposed to be no coffee. I start my day with coffee which means at 6:30 am I made myself a coffee. Then at 10 when I decided to start the day I open up my box and look at the day’s meal program and realize my mistake. Oh well.

It is recommended to stop all caffeine during the fast but one cup of caffeinated coffee or caffeinated tea is permitted for people who are unable to cut out all caffeine due to severe headache withdrawal.

By the end of the day, I’m bloated. The last time I did Prolon the severe bloating didn’t start until day 3.

Day 2

I immediately weighed myself upon waking. I’m down two pounds in one day. I’m thrilled but I also just got back from Cancun where I was eating and drinking a lot.

I must say, I am relieved not to wake up completely starving. I’m hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) so sometimes fasting can be extremely challenging to actually complete. That’s why I appreciate a fast with food.

Day 3

I am down another pound for a total of three pounds. I feel pretty good about this. Today is the least amount of calories that you consume out of all of the days. This was by far my hardest day the last time I did the fast but for some reason this time it’s much easier. Maybe because I knew mentally ahead of time what I was getting myself into. 

Day 4

I am not that hungry today. Today is my easiest day so far. I am disappointed to say I lost no weight on day 3. My total so far is still at 3 lbs lost. 

Day 5

Today is easier than day 4 which is surprising. I had expected it to get worse each day. I even woke up early and felt so good I took my dog rollerblading. This is the only day I’ve done what I would consider strenuous exercise. I had planned to walk every day but I completely failed on that front.

My only frustration is that when I weighed this morning I am still stuck at only 3 lbs lost. I sure hope tomorrow morning I’ve lost some more. I also wish I had checked my weight circumference on day one so I would have had a comparison. Sadly, I didn’t think about it. 

Prolon TipsAllowable add-ons for Prolon

You can have one small Persian cucumber a day. I save this for nighttime in case I’m so hungry I can’t sleep. 3 out of 5 days I ended up having the cucumber to help me make it through the day.

You can add chili flakes to the soups to give them a little kick.

Final Prolon Weight Loss Results

So, after five days I weighed in and I lost a grand total of 4.5. I’m super bummed I didn’t get to that five lb mark this time. But, 4.5 is certainly better than none! Now my challenge will be keeping it off and hopefully losing some more. I definitely feel like I’ve managed to reduce my appetite in a short period of time. This time went so much better than the first time I did the Prolon program I am now considering doing the next round of Prolon next month. 

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