Keratin Treatment versus Brazilian Blowout for Curly Hair 

Keratin Treatment versus Brazilian Blowout for Curly Hair 

In the quest for sleek, manageable hair, two treatments have risen to prominence, offering hope to those grappling with frizzy, voluminous, and unruly curls: the Brazilian Blowout and the Keratin treatment. Both have garnered legions of fans, from women to men, all seeking the secret to smooth, effortless locks. But what sets these treatments apart, and more importantly, which one is the ideal match for your curly hair? Let’s delve into the intricacies of each treatment to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Keratin Treatments

Originating from Brazil, the keratin treatment’s roots are as unique as its effect on hair. It was accidentally discovered by a mortician who noticed the hair-smoothing properties of formaldehyde. Fast forward, and keratin treatments have evolved into a coveted hair smoothing service.

By infusing keratin protein into hair follicles, this treatment aims to banish frizz, leaving hair silky, shiny, and manageable for up to five months. For those looking to make their haircare routine more manageable, a product like the Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo can serve as a perfect pre-treatment clarifier.

Decoding the Brazilian Blowout

Contrary to some misconceptions, the Brazilian Blowout is not merely a style but a brand-specific treatment known for its adaptability. It allows you to tailor the extent of the treatment, offering the flexibility to maintain your natural curls or go for a sleeker look. Lasting up to 12 weeks, it’s a fantastic option for all hair types, including those with color-treated hair, blending seamlessly with natural hair growth to avoid noticeable regrowth lines.

Shared Goals, Distinct Paths

While both treatments aim to smooth hair and reduce frizz, their formulation and application processes differ. The Brazilian Blowout offers immediate results with no downtime, allowing for instant styling flexibility. The Keratin treatment, however, requires a waiting period, during which the hair undergoes a transformation to achieve its final, sleek state.

Key Differences Highlighted


The Brazilian Blowout promises instant gratification, requiring no downtime post-treatment. In contrast, the Keratin treatment necessitates a 72-hour wait before you can wash your hair, demanding patience and careful adherence to post-treatment instructions.

Intensity and Ingredients

Keratin treatments are known for their heavier formulation, which, while effective at reducing frizz, can also reduce hair volume. In terms of ingredients, keratin treatments often incorporate more conditioning elements but vary in chemical content depending on the brand.

Cost and Results

Both treatments hover around the $200 mark per session, though the longer-lasting effects of Keratin treatments may offer better long-term value. However, the Brazilian Blowout’s customizability and immediate results give it an edge for those seeking flexibility.

I was just on a cruise and you could get a Keratin treatment for $150.

Making the Choice: Keratin or Brazilian Blowout for Curly Hair?

For those aiming to retain the bounce and volume of their curls while taming frizz, the Brazilian Blowout emerges as the top choice due to its customizability. However, if your goal is a longer-lasting, sleeker appearance, the Keratin treatment might be your best bet.

Final Thoughts

Armed with a deeper understanding of the Brazilian Blowout and Keratin treatments, you’re now better equipped to choose the right path for your curly hair. Consult with your stylist to identify the best brand and treatment option for your specific hair type and needs. Remember, regardless of your choice, maintaining a diligent hair care routine post-treatment is crucial for sustaining those silky-smooth results.

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