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How to Plan a Halloween Party

For the last 6 years, I’ve let my kids host a Halloween party. We try to keep most of the party out in the garage so we can be outside with all the trick or treaters coming by. It’s nice for clean up too.

Halloween Costume Ideas:

Eden and I all dressed up for Halloween. She’s a rainbow unicorn and I’m a butterfly. I got my costume off a sell and swap site, but Eden’s we pieced together with various fun items we found.

Noah got that super creepy mask when we were in Venice last summer. You will notice on the inside of the garage door behind them lots of neon plastic stars that we stuck to the door. They glow in the blacklight. A white table cloth will show up better under blacklight too.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Woody, Green Army Man

Of course, you could always just be a zombie!


Halloween Invitations

Used to I would create an invitation and print them out. I would send them to school with my son and then he would forget to pass them out. So, nowadays I am using an electronic invitation. I typically use Evite for my invitations but I recently discoverd an awesome app to use where everyone can talk to each other and share photos called Cadence app. They have free designs and you can get a link that you can then text to friends. You can also share it through email or Facebook.

Halloween Decorations


You can put dry ice inside the pumpkins you’ve carved so they will “blow smoke”.
P1020778 P1020779

We black-lighted the garage and decorated it with cobwebs and Christmas lights. The cobwebs will glow in the strobe black light. We also had a strobe light and music going. IMG_5489

Halloween Food

You can’t have a party without food. I always get the following:

You can also make some super fun Halloween-themed food. Halloween foodHalloween mummies - mummy dogs

eyeball cupcakes

Mango and orange martini


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