Graduation gift ideas
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High School Graduation Gifts and Party Planning Ideas

Graduation gift ideas

Do you know a soon to be graduate?

These days I know tons of kids graduating high school since Noah’s a junior. It’s hard to believe that in one year it will be him graduating. As I am buying gifts I have come across a lot of great ideas. Of course, cash and gift cards are always a good go to. When picking out a gift card make sure it doesn’t expire. If it does expire make sure it’s not for at least two years.

Graduation Gifts & Party Ideas

  1. Jabra Elite 65t – Jabra’s third-generation true wireless earbuds are the perfect gift for students continuing education or grads entering the hustle and bustle of the working world – and Elite 65t offers the best voice and music experience without wires. The innovative four microphone solution combined with an optimized acoustic chamber enables advance noise suppression and voice enhancement for every type of environment. They completely block out airplane noise.  Available on Amazon for $169.99.
  2. Mini Keurig – Students headed to college or off to their first apartment will need a coffee maker. This one is small, perfect for a cramped dorm room. Available on Amazon for $69.99. You could also throw in a reusable K-cup.
  3. Dorm Room Gear – If you know the graduate well, find out exactly what they need for their dorm room or first apartment. Possible items could be pillows, sheets, towels, shower caddy, desk lamp, laundry basket, bathrobe, shower shoes, handheld vacuum, mini fridge, or a clothing steamer.
  4. Mophie Powerstation –  is a must-have for any backpack or purse. The 12,000 mAh battery is perfect for charging smartphones or tablets on the go. You can even charge two devices at once. This is good for charging a device while in class.
  5. Kendra Scott Jewelry – Anyone who loves jewelry will love a piece from Kendra Scott.
  6. Google Home Mini – A Google Home Mini can help a new college student manage their day. They do all kinds of useful things. For example:
  • Play Music – You can stream your music through this.
  • Remember Things – You can use Google Home to remember things. Just tell it “Hey Google, remember that my paper is due on Monday” or “OK Google, remember that my house key is in my desk drawer.” In order to retrieve the info, ask it “Hey Google, when is my paper due” or “Hey Google, where is my house key?”
  • Find your phone by saying “Hey Google, find my phone.”
  • Track Your Day –  Say “Hey Google, tell me about my day.” and the device will give you the time, weather, your next Google Calendar meeting, and a news report. You can customize your day in the Google Home app settings section. Choose “My Day.” there you can modify what it will answer.
  • Get Questions Answered – When researching for a paper you can ask Google questions and learn the answers you may need.
  • Request an Uber – Google will call an Uber for you!

11 Graduation Party Decor and Food Ideas

Now it might be your kid that is graduating, if so it’s highly likely you are hosting some sort of party. Here are some ideas to get the party planning started. Click on the links below to read the tutorial instructions and recipes for some fun ways to celebrate your graduate!

  1. Graduation Party Invitations – There are tons of super cute invitation ideas online and many of them are completely free.
  2. Bright Future Party by Frog Prince Paperie is cute yellow and blue graduation themed party decorations or these
  3. Graduation Party Inspirations also by Frog Prince Paperie
  4. Shutterfly Graduation Party by Tikkido has food and decor party ideas.
  5. Write A Card Graduation Party Idea by Organized 31 is an interesting idea where party attendees can write the graduate notes.
  6. DIY Photo Collage by Michelle’s Party Plan-It
  7. Paper Star Ideas by Organized 31
  8. Last Minute Graduation Decoration by Organized 31
  9. Upcycled Box Party Tray by Organized 31
  10. Candy Graduation Cap Favors by Organized 31
  11. Graduations Photo Booth Props

 Graduation party ideas

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