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I cannot believe it is already time for my kids to go back to school. It makes me sad, I prefer having the home with me. Also, school really puts a damper on my ability to travel non-stop! We managed to hit Seattle, Bend/Sunriver, Jersey Shore, the Finger Lakes, Germany, Austria, and Italy (we successfully took military hops) making this by far the craziest summer travel we’ve ever had.

Exploring Venice
Exploring Venice, Italy barely a month ago, but now it’s back to school they go!

This is why we haven’t been in town much this month, so I have not gone clothes shopping or shopping for school supplies. I did manage to get my 8th grader registered! This year they are at different schools again, which means two different school schedules. What is even tougher is the fact that all three are playing sports and involved in other activities. My oldest has gymnastics and football multiple times a week, my daughter has gymnastics and is probably going to play volleyball, and the youngest is going to play soccer and will likely end up in gymnastics too. At least I have 2 really good carpools going!

So, what does this have to do with VolunteerSpot?

Well, simply put, you can organize almost anything with it and I desperately need to get organized! I’m organizing my carpools with it! To say I am not passionate about these types of things is an understatement, so any tool that can simplify my life is AWESOME.


It sends you reminders!!!

I am going to strongly suggest that whoever volunteers to be the “team parent” (cause it certainly will not be me) does our snack sign-ups through this. I would LOVE to have VolunteerSpot send me a reminder email or text that it’s my turn because I really get tired of running around like a chicken with my head cut off before their games because I forgot AGAIN. Us parents can literally organize anything with Volunteerspot, including but not limited to:

  • snack duty
  • drivers for team tournaments
  • field trips
  • concessions stand volunteers
  • family events
  • meals for neighbors/friends after having a new baby or surgery
  • team potlucks
  • trips

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