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Keeping your kids safe in today’s world is a never-ending job and my sponsor, Family by Sygic, is helping parents keep their kids safe with the use of an app. Most tweens and teens have phones and most have phones with access to the Internet. So, it only makes sense to use our phones as part of keeping kids safe.

family by SygicHave you entered the phase of life where your children have phones?

We crossed that milestone many months ago. I like the kids having phones so I can contact them at any time. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t pick up, like a few weeks ago when my son didn’t get off the bus. I called his phone, no answer. I called the school, they put me on hold. If I had a tracker on his phone I could have immediately located him. Instead of panic and worry, I would have realized he was around the corner. He was goofing off and didn’t get off until two bus stops later.

Family by Sygic

So, now you can imagine my delight when I was selected as an ambassador for Family by Sygic. I finally got to have my peace of mind back! My tween is starting to do more things on his own, like meeting kids at a coffee shop, walking to school, and catching buses to other schools occasionally for sports. I get nervous not knowing exactly where he is at all times, so I got him and phone and then got the Family by Sygic app for our phones. With this app, I’m teaching him to be safe and responsible.

  • Family by Sygic is the family locator, children safety and emergency alerts app awarded by the largest parent-testing community Parent Tested Parent Approved.
  •  Family by Sygic is Sygic’s latest app for families and with a touch of a button, you can see where every member of your family is in real-time.
  • You can even set up zones, safe zones, and unsafe zones. If your child goes into an unsafe zone you will receive an alert.
  • Family by Sygic can teach your kids responsibility and self-reliance and give you peace of mind at the same time. You don’t have to keep calling your kids all the time to check on them.  Kids can “check in” to tell you where they are. The app will send you the parent an “alert” with their exact location.

 Right now for a limited time, the app is free. They have an app for iPhone and for Android.

family by Sygic

On Android, the app will have over 111 maps of Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Africa to choose from. An  $89.99 value!

On iPhone, the Sygic GPS Navigation app will have maps of North America  and  an additional app with maps of Europe a value of $79.99
These are fantastic apps to have, especially when traveling to different parts of the world. I know this for a fact, because I’ve gotten lost in Barcelona, Rome, Scotland, Ireland, and pretty much everywhere else I’ve been! It’s always best to have a gps when traveling.

Life Before Family by Sygic App

Recently, I became that crazy lunatic mom and it all could have been avoided if I had the Family by Sygic app on our phones. Here’s what happened.

I needed to pick up my oldest son, Noah, from track practice, but I couldn’t find my youngest son, Jonah. He was playing in the neighborhood somewhere. (Yes, that’s right. I’m the mom that can’t find their kid because I suck at keeping tabs on him. He’s the third child and well…….you know how it goes.) I’m yelling his name, asking the other kids if they know where he is, and getting very agitated.

I jump in the car with my daughter to drive around to find Jonah, because we are now running very late. I did not stop to grab my cell phone or put on some shoes. (It’s the no-shoes part that I feel takes me from being that crazy mom to a full-on lunatic mom.) We find Jonah and immediately drive to the school. At the school, there is not a kid in sight. I’m only 15 minutes late and I can’t believe there are no kids around. I have to send my daughter who is a 3rd grader into the school to look for Noah because I have on NO FREAKING SHOES! She returns without him. I proceed to drive a different way home to see if Noah is walking.

We get all the way home without having spotted him. I am now having a heart attack. I run into the house and grab my cell phone. No missed calls, no texts, no anything. While I put on my shoes I call his friend’s mother to see if she has him. She does not have him, but wonders why he isn’t at the high school. The high school?!?!?! Apparently, a bus picked the kids up and took them to the high school to practice, but I didn’t know. Nobody bothered to tell me. We jump in the car and go pick him up at the high school where he was waiting with a bunch of other kids because they had just gotten done. He has no clue about the drama that had just gone on.

It’s moments like these that make it hard to be a military wife 2,000 miles from family, but at least I have an app now that I can track my kids down! It was easy to teach the kids to use and they understand it was important for them to use it. You can only imagine how much I love Family by Sygic app and not going to crazy town every time I lose a kid.


As a Brand Ambassador with PTPA and Sygic, I received compensation for my participation. However, all opinions expressed on this blog are my very own.


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