Magical reindeer food
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DIY Magic Reindeer Food

Diy Magical reindeer food Kids love Christmas and they adore the idea that they are feeding Santa’s reindeer’s magical food. I know because this has been a tradition at our house for at least eight years now. I guarantee your kids are going to Love it too!

Lucky for us parents it happens to be rather simple to make your own magic reindeer food. Chances are you will already have everything you need somewhere in your house.

All you need is oats, miniature marshmallows, and some glitter or confetti.

Add 1 cup of oats too a snack or sandwich size bag. Then add a handful marshmallows and however much confetti or glitter you like. Close the bag and shake the ingredients together. That’s it your done!

Now let your kids sprinkle it around your yard for the reindeers the night before Christmas. Be sure and explain to your kids at this magic food helps Santa to find your house.

  • If you would like a cute label to go with your bag here is a printable: MagicReindeerFood It looks like the one in the picture above.



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