Vanilla cherry homemade body scrub

DIY Cherry Vanilla Body Scrub Recipe

Making homemade body scrubs is incredibly easy and fun. This one is in honor of Valentine’s day and makes the perfect gift to give to a teacher, friend, daughter, sister, or basically anyone because everyone will enjoy a cherry sugar scrub.

Here is everything you will need to make a cherry and vanilla-scented homemade body scrub.Vanilla cherry body scrub

Cherry Vanilla Body Scrub Recipe

Body Scrub Ingredients:
3 cups white sugar
1 1/2 cups Coconut oil
4 Tbsp of Vanilla Extract
4 Tbsp of Cherry Extract
Red food coloring

Body Scrub Directions: 

Mix the sugar, Oil, and in a bowl.
Mix it up until all of the oil is blended in.
Then divide the sugar mix equally into two bowls.
Add 4 Tbsp. of Vanilla Extract in bowl 1 and mix until combined
Add 4 Tbsp. of Cherry Extract, 1 Tbsp. of Red food coloring in bowl 2 and mix until combined

Begin to layer your scrubs in your Mason Jar. Have fun, be creative. I prefer the layered look evenly spaced in the jar.

If you do not have any coconut oil you could substitute almond oil. 

You can use this recipe and use essential oils instead of extracts. I recommend using Doterra oils. You could make it peppermint or vanilla. You can also switch out the food coloring and make your body scrub any color you want.

How to Use:

  • Use all over for a full-body experience or concentrate on areas that need some extra love (such as the chest, arms, elbows, legs, and anywhere else that needs attention)
  • As a daily body scrub: Apply on wet skin and gently massage in circular motions to polish and purify the skin.

diy Cherry Vanilla Body Scrub

Another fun thing to make for Valentine’s Day is bath bombs.

DIY Cherry Vanilla Body Scrub

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