How to use bronzer

How to Contour Your Face Using Bronzer

how to contour your face using bronzerContouring your face Using Bronzer

Imagine if you could lose 10 pounds in just a few minutes! No gym or dieting. I think that would be a dream come true for most people! I can’t tell you how to lose 10 pounds but I can tell you how to LOOK like you have! If you know how you can use bronzer to create the illusion of shadows on your face. This will give you more dimension and the appearance of thinner, more prominent cheekbones, a smaller nose, and a thinner looking jawline and neck.

First you need the right bronzer. I prefer a pressed powder bronzer over loose powder or liquid because you have more control over where you want to apply it. Right now my favorite is called Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil. It also came in their multi-pak the Too Faced – The Bronzed & The Beautiful French Riviera Edition.
Whatever bronzer you choose just make sure it isn’t too dark for your natural skin tone! Also when applying the bronzer start with a little and if you need more then go from there!

Step 1- Dab your bronzing brush in your favorite bronzer. Before you apply try to suck your cheeks in and then smile with you mouth closed. This will create a hallow looking spot in your cheek. This is the exact spot where you want to apply the bronzer. Go ahead and apply to both sides of your face in that spot.

Step 2- Apply the bronzer straight up and down on both sides of your nose. You can also apply it I’m the middle of the bridge of your nose to the end. I prefer to put a highlight in that spot though.

Step 3- apply a little bronzer to your temples.

Step 4- Apply the bronzer in the little hallow spot between your lower lip and chin.

Step 5- Next apply some bronzer along the entire length of your jawline.

Step 6- Last but not least apply the bronzer in a circular buffing motion (for an even, blended application) down both sides of your neck.

Now there are another couple of areas you can apply the bronzer but these are optional. These optional areas are for creating a more natural bronzed or tanned look. First to create a more natural looking sun kissed tan apply the bronzer in a circular buffing motion along your hairline. Next you can apply some along you collar bone and décolletage area so the tan doesn’t stop at your neck!

If you accidentally mess up don’t sweat it! Just take a little mineral powder and sweep it over the spot you need to fix! Problem solved! I like to use the Bare Mineral Matte powder.


And last but not least the key to keeping this look natural is to blend the color so it’s not too obvious that you’re wearing any at all! Have fun and happy bronzing!!!

Here is a video I made showing you everything step by step.

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