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Celebrating the Days of Advent with an Advent Activity Rope Link

IMG_5739.JPGMy friend Jenn does the neatest stuff with her kiddo. One of the things she does before Christmas is an Advent rope link activity. I thought this was so creative I’ve asked her to share it with you!

by: Jennifer Derr

The season of Advent is among us!  It is one of my favorite times of the year. Getting our kids involved in this season of giving can also be fun if we use our imaginations a bit.

An easy and fun way to get them involved is making a simple chain linked rope for each of the days of advent.  On each day, I have created either something special the kids must do for someone else or they must do as a family.  Some examples are

  • Make a Christmas card for a neighbor
  • Do an extra chore for someone in the house
  • Have a movie and hot chocolate night with the family

One of my favorite ideas is candy cane bombing a parking lot! (Leaving a little candy cane with a note on cars)

Some of the days the kids can be sharing in the advent helping out, but there are also days where they can be doing something fun which makes going to see what the days “link” presents a bit more exciting.

Be creative in finding things for them to do each day!  Your kid’s may also enjoy helping you put together and build the chain linked rope if they like being crafty!

I like the idea of creating your own Advent activity because kids are more involved in the real reason and season of Advent.  Look for ideas online for daily Advent ideas.  I usually take ideas from a couple of sites to create my own events for each day.  That way I can make it more age appropriate and find activities that my family is more able to get accomplished.

The links are easily made by cutting strips of Christmas paper of your choice making it look festive for the season. Strips of the traditional Advent colors of purple and pink can also be used.   On each strip write a daily activity to be done and glue the links together!

Happy Advent!





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