6 Benefits of Using Downy Fabric Conditioner


Until I was asked to use Downy I had never really thought much about using fabric conditioner one way or another. I was surprised to learn the benefits of using a fabric conditioner. I thought the only reason for using it was so your clothes would not be full of static. I sure some of the benefits of using Downy will surprise some of y’all as well.

Downy protects clothes:

  • Instead of losing their shape, clothes bounce back to their store-bought form. – How great is this?! My nine year old basically gives his clothes a beating every time he wears them.
  • Colors stay true and resist fading. – I hate it when my clothes fade, especially new clothes or black clothes. Nobody wants to wear a faded black shirt.
  • Towels are protected from pilling and fuzz. – Again, I hate fuzz. I do not like it when I wash something and I end up with fuzz everywhere. All this does is create more mess for me to clean up.
  • Fabrics are softened for added comfort. – Who doesn’t like soft clothes? That’s right nobody. Everyone wants softer clothes.
  • Long-lasting freshness – When you are traveling you want your clothes to still smell fresh after being in a suitcase. Oh and if you have teenage boys, well you know.
  • Reduces wrinkles better than using detergent alone – Again, who wants to be all wrinkly? Not me and I hate ironing, so anything that keeps the wrinkles away is my best friend.


Best Practices for Doing Laundry

  • Everyday clothing can be washed in cold water with the appropriate dose of a high-quality laundry detergent.
  • Underwear, sports clothing, towels, and sheets may need an extra boost by washing in warm water.
  • For laundry from ill persons and/or heavily contaminated with body fluids, we suggest you consider washing in hot water — with the appropriate dose of a high-quality laundry detergent plus an additive which is registered as a disinfectant or a sanitizer.

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